This guy needs a band for his needs a band for his kids wedding

I know this sounds strange but I am looking for a band — likely bluegrass/country.  Not a traditional wedding band.  It would be nice if they could do a Grateful Dead cover or two (sounds strange?).  Hiring a band for the reception is a possible gift for my son and his lovely wife for their wedding in Ithaca on June 2.  The couple has a very limited budget that they are putting into good food and good beer.  They are thinking of renting a PA and putting together a mix of recorded music — yuk.  My wife and I prefer live music, so we thought this would be a great gift (but our budget is not unlimited).

Would be good if the band knew how to get guests up and do some dancing some. Mostly younger folks in late 20s, with older family members (typical, I suspect).  He prefers Bluegrass and Grateful Dead.  She seems to like Country/Western.  The venue is the Ithaca Farmers Market. Not sure of the number of guests, hours likely beginning abound 7 pm.   Any suggestions?  If you know some local musicians who might be interested, have them contact me via email at this address. 

The challenge for me is the bride is at in Ithaca (she knows I am looking for a band, and she will help me choose one).  I live in Philadelphia.  The groom is in Atlanta. 
If anyone is available  – or knows a band who can do the Ithaca area — please pass on my request.  I have to give the bride a couple of choices, and I haven’t found the right group yet.

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