Bluegrass Nights at the Kempton Rod & Gun Club…………Saturday September 22…..join in the “FUN”

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Bluegrass Nights at the Kempton Rod & Gun Club…………Saturday September 22…..join in the "FUN"

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Lehigh Valley Music Awards

Music Fan Nomination Form 2012

Time to vote for the Best Bluegrass Performance in the Lehigh Valley. 

The Lehigh Valley Music Awards (LVMA) ® is a prestigious annual extravaganza that honors, rewards and celebrates The Music Industry of The Greater Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. It is held the first Sunday in December each year. The LVMA is produced by The Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association (GLVMA) ®, an official non-profit volunteer organization designed to produce music related events throughout The Greater Lehigh Valley.

The LVMA event itself is a presentation of music performed by the qualified diverse talent of The Greater Lehigh Valley carefully chosen from hundreds of submissions by our performance committee made up of members of the LVMA Board and other local community members. The awards themselves are presented throughout the event and are chosen in 2 separate voting procedures, one by the qualified voting public and one by their qualified voting peers in the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Industry.

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Jersey Corn Pickers CD available on


You can download the entire album or just a single track at

You can also listen to sample tracks before you buy.

The Jersey Corn Pickers are a Philadelphia area bluegrass and acoustic music band that began when Mike McLane, Steve Gallatig and Harry Gambrill decided to get together in the summer of 2010 to begin recording the songs they’d been writing individually. 

Harry and Mike first met at Hickory Fest, a bluegrass festival in Pennsylvania, about three years ago when they and their families were the first campers to arrive several days before the festival began.  They were the only two campers in an otherwise empty field when Harry heard the thumping of an upright bass and decided to bring his banjo and dobro over to Mike’s camp to see what was going on.

This was the beginning of a musical friendship that continued when Mike started up the Woodshop Jam, a weekly jam session at his cabinet shop in Sewell, NJ, and Harry recruited many of his music students and friends to join in.  Soon the Woodshop Jammers began camping and playing together in the campgrounds of local festivals. This was how they met Steve when he and his guitar wandered into the Woodshop Jam camp at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival in Woodstown, New Jersey.  He immediately became a regular at the Woodshop Jam.

JC Bell brings an added dimension to the live shows with his with his unique and energetic style on mandolin. The newest Corn Picker, fiddler Sarah Larsen, is a classically trained violinist whose passion for performing is another key weapon in the Corn Pickers’ arsenal. Steve and Mike share most of the lead vocal duties with Harry and Sarah adding the harmonies.  The typical Corn Picker show will be very high energy and include many original tunes along with traditional classics and some cool covers done Corn Picker style.

Big Valley Bluegrass CD available on


You can now download Big Valley Bluegrass’s album on

Download a single track or the entire album.  You can listen to samples before you buy.

GINA ROSS (Guitar & Vocals) was born in the Lehigh Valley and lived in Nashville, Tennessee for 16 years where she performed original country music and was a frequent guest on the Ralph Emory Show. She is a gifted songwriter and one of her songs “Jesus in My Soul” was recorded by country music legend Johnny Cash.

KEITH KESTER (Bass & Vocals) was born in the Lehigh Valley and fell in love with bluegrass music at a very early age. No stranger to the stage, Keith has performed several times at Musicfest and regional bluegrass festivals.

PAUL SPRIET (Banjo & Vocals) was born in New Jersey and lists Earl Scruggs, Bill Keith and Alan Munde as his influences. He has been playing banjo for over 40 years and teaches banjo in his spare time.

BILL PARKER (Mandolin, Dobro & Guitar) grew up in Rochester, NY now living in the Bethlehem, area. He caught the bluegrass bug about 5 years ago when he started playing the mandolin. With a hard-charging, high energy style, he puts passion into every note he plays. Primary influences are his father, Ronnie McCoury, Ricky Skaggs, Shawn Lane & Jesse Cobb. In addition to mandolin, Bill also plays guitar, bass & dobro. Preferred brands are Martin Guitars, Loar & Eastman Mandolins