Norwich Bluegrass Festival

Hi Everyone, On July 26,27,and 28, I am trying to save a festival that was counted out .

If you can, please come support this festival. You, the ticket buyer are the most important part of this festival. Without you it cannot happen, period .

I have taken over this festival for a few reasons, there are a few purposes to this event. The reasons are:

While in this era, it seems that many bluegrass festivals are struggling to survive, many are closing their doors because of lack of funds, or people. With your help,  I am not going to allow this to happen to the Norwich Festival.(I have been going to this festival for the last decade and it sadden me that this happened to this festival last year.)

Another reason is there are many festivals out there that have the same bands play year after year. We need to allow other worthy bands to enter the bluegrass scene. A scene that I have found full of the best people in the World, Bluegrass People.

On Friday, To start a transition to this idea , I have created a full day and night show of some favorite bands that has been around the scene like Smokey Greene (NY) and  Danny Paisley(DE), Traditional Bluegrass don’t get any better than that.  Then  added two of today’s hottest bands that is being played on Sirius Radio every day,  both are Mountain Fever Recording Artists,  Kevin Richardson and Cuttin Edge (NC)and the all-female band Sweet Potato Pie(NC).

On Saturday , which is the day I need you,( the Fan) to help with . You will have a day full of good bluegrass that you probably have never seen before. I need you to watch these bands during the day, each band has two short sets, so if you miss one earlier in the day, please make time to check them out in the evening(they deserve a fair chance). I need you to write down the name on the back of your ticket stub,(only one name) that you feel was the best to your liking, put it in the VOTE box on stage before 8:30 pm Saturday night . Remember, You are the most important part of this festival.

Saturday’s bands are: Ernie Evans(FL) and Tyler Williams Band(TN),Ingersoll Brothers(TN,NY),Nitro Ride (PA),The Zepp Family (PA), Pactolus Sisters(TN), The Last Whippoorwill Band and Reyna-Rose Band (NY). They have come a long way to play for you ,please find the time to check out each band.

As a bonus, on Saturday, I have Travers Chandler and Avery County (NC), to play some true traditional sounding bluegrass , He will play twice, he will be playing while the vote are being counted. (He is not in the competition, please do not vote for him)

Once again, thanks you for your support , Danny Stewart

PS, a special thanks  to my wife and best friend, Christa Stewart, for without her love and support me to me , I would not be able to do this for  everyone, I love you Christa.


Danny Stewart


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