Fountain House Jam

Fountain House Jam

This Thursday is the 2nd Thursday so lets play some bluegrass. Bring an instrument and a friend and we’ll meet at the Fountain House across from the Firehouse on Rt 94 in Fredon, NJ.  What’s better than that?

In the meantime here’s an old Jimmie Rodger tune you might like.  Do we have any yodelers in the group?





In The Jailhouse Now – No. 2

Words and music by Jimmie Rodgers

[D] I had a friend named Campbell

He used to rob, steal and gamble

He tried ev’rything that was low-[G] down

He was out tom-cattin’ one night

When he started a big fight

Then a [A] big policeman [E] came and knocked him [A] down.

He’s in the [D] jailhouse now

He’s in the [G] jailhouse now

I [A] told him over again

To quit drinking whiskey

Lay off of that [A7] gin

He’s in the [A] jailhouse [D] now. (Yodel)

Campbell broke jail one day

Decided he’d go away

But the police met him at the train

The cop says I’ve come for you

Campbell says that this won’t do

Because Campbell never was my name.

He’s in the jailhouse now

He’s in the jailhouse now

Yes, he broke out

All over town the fool walked about

He’s in the jailhouse now. (Yodel)

I met his old gal Sadie

‘She said, “Have you seen my baby”

I told her he was downtown in the can

She went down to the jail

Just to go his bail

She said, “I’ve come down here to get my man.”

She’s in the jailhouse now

She’s in the jailhouse now

So you can understand

Why old kid Sadie’s in the can

She’s in the jailhouse now. (Yodel)


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