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Hillbilly Water have been performing together since 2003. The band an acoustic trio features mandolin, guitar & bass fiddle. Louie Demayo is the lead singer and mandolin player. Lou is a huge fan of Bill Monroe and bluegrass music in general. Louie D. as he’s called by friends and fans alike has been playing mandolin for almost 20 years, previously playing with Grovers Mill with Carol Bogart & Gene Lowinger & Risky Busness . He’s also had the pleasure of hanging out and playing with Del McCoury, Adam Stefi, and Allison Krauss to name a few. On guitar we have “Fast,” Eddie Rainey. Ed’s been playing for as long as he can remember and was brought up listening and playing old time country and bluegrass songs, by his father Rich, himself a very talented banjo player and band leader (Riskey Business). Encouraged by his dad, Eddie learned to play all the bluegrass instruments; dobro, guitar, mandolin and banjo. He is quite a talent and must be seen to be believed. Not only does he play real good but he sings great too. Helping Lou D. with the high harmony. Ed’s played with many greats including Peter Rowan, Mick Taylor, Terry Reid and Vaser Clements. Songwriter & Bassist George Kapitanellis has been playing for over 25 years and his musical friendship with Eddie goes back just as far. They have been playing in bands since high school and have created a dynamic groove and feel that powers the band like a steam locomotive. Their familiarity lets them ease in and out of different grooves and phrasings effortlessly. These two guys live to play music. George has also played with some great talents, Terry Reid, Buddy Miles, Vaser Clements, King Wilke and Buddy Cage and has recorded extensively with his and Eddie’s electric band Cosmic American Derelicts. Hillbilly Water have recorded one album “Have A Drink” (released 2007), and just released their second album, Forever Blue, (May 20130). Hillbilly Water will be heading over to England to open for Terry Reid on a few shows as well as doing some showcase gigs of their own.

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